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We just can't get enough of it - outdoor equipment The times are long gone when long, hard tours meant little comfort. The many little helpers available today, like stoves, head lamps, or water filters, have long since become a matter of course for outdoor enthusiasts. Outdoor equipment makes outdoor life that much more enjoyable, is easy to carry, robust, and allows you more time to concentrate on what you came to see.

Everything for the outdoor chef

A hungry tour partner is a bad tour partner. These days there is no reason at all, why you should not enjoy some excellent food on tour. Modern outdoor stoves are very efficient and can be operated with a variety of fuels. That saves space and a-text--reduces weight.

There have also been interesting and clever developments in the area of cooking utensils for outdoor use, with light-weight and space-saving solutions in aluminum and titanium.

If you're planning a tour far away from civilization for a few days, manufacturers like Travellunch offer complete ready-made menus, including soup, main course, and dessert.

Outdoor equipment for water treatment and transport

Drinking water is always a critical factor in longer tours. Carrying water reserves for several days can be cumbersome, which means you will most likely opt for a portable water treatment system. Our product offering includes a number of state of the art solutions from manufacturers like Katadyn, MSR, and Steripen for chemical or mechanical water treatment.

Lighting, navigation, watches, and tools

Lighting solutions like head lamps and LED lanterns have become a matter of course for outdoor equipment. They allow you to break camp at night to see the sunrise at the peak, or let you cook a nice meal after dark.

You will find them in our product offering, just like navigation equipment, watches, and tools.

Other outdoor equipment for on the go

You can find everything on your pack list for your backpack in our online shop. In addition to the equipment mentioned above, you will find trekking poles, sleeping bags, and tents.

Of course you will also need proper gear when it comes to outdoor clothing. That includes functional underwear as well as trendy rain jackets.

State of the art outdoor gear will have you ready for any situation, and will in many cases save you a lot of weight. Your backpack remains comfortable and nothing will sour your tour.

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