On the go with a travel sleeping bag

Travel Seeping Bags

Compact, practical and uncomplicated, travel sleeping bags are super comfy and stand out for their little weight. In short, they are perfect travel companions! No matter whether used for backpacking, couch surfing, camping, in a mountain hut or a youth hostel - a good travel sleeping bag ensures a comfortable night while protecting you from inconveniences like a less-than-clean hotel bed.

Which types of travel sleeping bags are available?

The topic of travel sleeping bags is an extensive one. From simple travel sheets up to high-performance synthetic sleeping bags for a night under the stars, there is a model for every purpose. If you know what you are looking for, finding the right travel sleeping bag will be a piece of cake!

Globe trotters and city travellers will love the backpacker sleeping bag. Pleasantly light to carry, it can be reduced to a small pack size and attached to the backpack. The ideal companion for a cabin tour is a hut sleeping bag. Similar to sleeping bags for backpackers, it is compact and lightweight, and also mandatory in most mountain huts. If you need to keep your luggage very light you might want to opt for a so-called travel sheet. Made of silk, cotton or synthetic fibre, these travel sleeping bags are comfortable and suited as liners for sleeping bags. When planning a trip in warm and humid regions you should opt for a lightweight sleeping bag made of cotton. Less warm, these sleeping bags provide you with ample freedom of movement. Nice and warm summer nights often call for nothing more than a simple inlay to sleep in. Our youngest outdoor enthusiasts won't come away empty-handed, either. Snuggled into a slumber bag, little explorers will dream about big adventures.

Travel sleeping bags for allergy sufferers

When suffering from a house dust mite allergy, a night in a hotel bed may turn into an ordeal. Anti-mite travel sleeping bags help you avoid contact with mattress and sheets, thus increasing your sleeping comfort.

Whether you spend the night in a silk sleeping bag or in a travel sheet on the couch, the travel sleeping bags by Cocoon, Mammut, Haglöfs and other manufacturers guarantee a good night's sleep.

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