A good night's sleep for the little ones: Kids' sleeping bags

Sleeping Bags Kids

At the campsite, in the garden or on the mountains with parents: adventurous little ones need a warm sleeping bag at night. Learn more about what you need to consider when buying one here.

Thermal efficiency of junior sleeping bags

As with sleeping bags for adults, the main factor to consider when buying a sleeping bag for kids is the insulation. However, unlike adult sleeping bags there are no standardized specifications for the exact temperature ranges of sleeping bags. Sensitivity to cold/heat is affected by age, sex, weight and fatigue. And these factors affect growing children more than they do adults.

Material for sleeping bags for children

The dilemma when it comes to choosing the filling material is the same for boys and girls as it is for adults: Down or synthetic?
While down sleeping bags offer the best weight to warmth ratio, synthetic fiber materials are substantially more weatherproof. If warmth, comfort, weight and a small pack size are the main concerns then look no further than a down sleeping bag for your child.
If you frequently camp in areas of high humidity (next to water) or you go bivouacking without a tent and can expect the odd rain shower, you're better of going for synthetic insulation for the little one's sleeping bag.
In some special kid's sleeping bags the outer material is no less robust than that of adult versions. Nylon or a RipStop weave provide the necessary durability and prevent the loss of down or fiberfill.

Features of kids' sleeping bags

What makes a special boys or girls sleeping bag? While the materials are the same as for adult sleeping bags, sleeping bags for children differ in terms of size and the interior.
As with women's sleeping bags, kids' sleeping bags are a little softer on the inside and better insulated at the foot. Kids' sleeping bags are shorter than conventional sleeping bags, however some models are as long as 180 cm, meaning that they can be suitable for smaller adults (as with kids' backpacks).
Some variations can be extended with a zip. A separate foot section can easily be zipped on when needed and provides an additional 30 centimeters.

Stuffing or rolling?

Stuffing is not only easier for kids, it is also better for the material. Stuffing sleeping bags into the stuff sack avoids kinks and prevents the material from thinning.

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