With your daypack through the mountains


The most important part of your hiking gear is your backpack. Not only does it contain your extra clothes but all the necessary equipment and food. If you go on a hiking, climbing or skiing tour for only one day, a so-called daypack is ideal for you. A daypack is a backpack that offers the sufficient amount of space to you on one day tours.

Daypacks - the necessary equipment for one day

You will find daypacks for each kind of sports. Their difference to actual touring backpacks lies mostly in their weight and function. A daypack is significantly lighter and more compact. They are designed for day touring and alpine activities in the mountains. On longer trips they are often used in addition to the standard touring backpacks with high volumes. Despite of this daypacks offer sufficient space for everything you will need on a day in the mountains. Depending on their size daypacks have capacities between 10 and 30 liters. In case of some designs it is possible to add an extra 5 to 10 liters by using their adjustable backpack covers. Almost all daypacks have an inside compartment for a hydration system. Because of this you don't need to take the backpack down when you go on a short break for a drink of water. The hose of the hydration system can be let to the front through an opening in the back section. So you can actually reach it while walking. But a daypack offers quite a number of other features. They enable you to fix a helmet, an ice pick or trekking poles directly to the daypack.

Daypacks are the best rear cover on each tour.

If you travel with a backpack that is designed to perfectly fit your ergonomic needs, you will hardly notice your faithful companion anymore when it comes to weight or freedom of movement. Packed in the most efficient way, the weight of the contents will be distributed to your hips and won't push on your shoulders. Not to be disregarded, however, is the daypacks protecting function when a cold wind is blowing at your back or in emergencies such as falls. By now some daypacks come with a back protector and do not only supply you with their extra security when you go on ski tours.

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