Organize your equipment efficiently with stuff sacks

Stuff Sacks

Modern stuff sacks are available in numerous sizes and materials, with additional features for traveling or for canoeing. Remember that the actual purpose of this product is to keep your equipment organized and protected. The information below is intended to give you an overview and to help you choose the right stuff sack.

Types of stuff sack

When we talk about stuff sacks, we are usually talking about the waterproof version. Some models are protect effectively against moisture and dirt and come with a roll closure. Other stuff sacks are simply made of mesh material and are used to organize clothes. Compression sacks are another space-saving version used for stowing and transporting sleeping bags or down jackets.
The wide range of stuff sacks includes sizes from 5 to around 90 liters.

Materials and purpose of stuff sacks

Simple stuff sacks are made of mesh material (polyester mesh) and usually come with a drawstring or zipper. They help you organize your equipment.
Waterproof sacks and compression sacks provide reliable protection against dirt and moisture. Both of these types allow you to pack dirty and worn clothes without unpleasant odours. Most of these stuff sacks are made of densely woven nylon fabric (feels like a tarpaulin), which makes them extremely robust. With a PU and/or silicone coating, very thin sacks can be just as water-resistant but with a smaller pack size and less weight.
Some designs come with a membrane that makes them waterproof. This allows air to escape the stuff sack, which reduces its pack size considerably.
Stuff sacks with roll closure have to be rolled over several times (two or three times) in order to close them nice and tight!

Features, accessories, and special designs of stuff sacks

Some stuff sacks have an integrated valve. Its purpose is to deflate the sack and reduce its volume. Compression sacks are compressed by means of straps.
Other stuff sacks come with handles or shoulder straps, which makes them very similar to tote bags. Stuff sacks are even available as backpacks. This hybrid of stuff sack and backpack (shoulder straps, hip belt, additional pockets) is perfect for transporting moderately heavy equipment over longer distances.
You can also find stuff sack accessories such as protective covers for backpacks in our online shop. They are used to protect sacks and backpacks and make them safer when travelling (airports). They also serve as a substitute for rain covers.

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