Climbing training - specific exercises for sustained success

Climbing Training

Wolfgang Güllich developed many methods of climbing training during the 80s and 90s and showed us like no other climber before him the amount of success that specific training can bring you. Since then a lot has changed and there is now a variety of sophisticated training boards, campus boards and portable training equipment available on the market.

Not only professionals can benefit from climbing training on grip boards etc. This form of training is great if you don't have a climbing gym at the end of your road or simply don't have enough time on your hands.

Don't forget to warm up

Whatever you do, don't forget to warm up before training. Since warming up for climbing training and, in particular, finger training is not always easy, there is also a range of aids such as special putty, rubber bands and foam hand exercisers.

Portable equipment for climbing training

Even if you travel a lot you don't have to give up your climbing training. Lots of manufacturers such as Boreal and Metolius offer portable solutions. In addition to the aforementioned mechanical and foam hand exercisers, there are also climbing holds that can be suspended using cord to allow for a variety of exercises.

The training board as a space-saving training method

The training board is without a doubt one of the most popular methods of climbing training. Training boards a range of different types of grip, from handles and slopers to finger holes and tiny bars. So you can try out different types of grip using just on board.

This allows you to train efficiently in your own home. Perfect if you don't have much time on your hands but still want to climb or boulder at a high level. Training boards come in two different variations:

  • Plastic training boards: usually good value for money. They are compatible with various types of grips and are available from a large number of manufacturers such as Metolius, Core and Moon Climbing.

  • Wooden training boards: manufacturers like Metolius and Beastmaker also sell wooden variations. These are beautifully designed and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to their modest design they can also be placed in the living room if space is at a premium.

Other possibilities for climbing training in your own home

The possibilities are endless when it comes to climbing training. If a training board, for example, is not sufficient for your requirements, climbing holds allow you to create a wall or even an entire boulder area in your own home.

Another classic way to increase your strength is by doing climbing training on a campus board. Again, there are specially made strips from manufacturers like Metolius that can be combined to form a campus board.

All these aids can of course be combined for completely balanced climbing training. Your next project can start now!

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