Comfortable and functional bouldering clothing

Bouldering Clothing

Clothing for boulderers is comfortable loose-fitting, breathable and elastic. As well as superb comfort, bouldering clothes guarantee optimal freedom of movement during long and dynamic climbing moves. Bouldering does not require a lot of special bouldering equipment.

One or two crash pads as a starting and landing zone for bouldering on rock faces, a chalk bag with a little chalk, and a bouldering brush for cleaning the little grips and footholds is plenty. In bouldering halls, it is not even necessary to bring a crash pad. Only bouldering shoes are completely indispensable and provide grip on even the smallest footholds.

Bouldering trousers and bouldering shirts

With loose cuts and gussets for optimal freedom of movement, comfortable bouldering trousers enable high leg lifts and wide straddling manoeuvres. Meanwhile, the bouldering trousers fit comfortable and hardly slip. Functional bouldering shirts also come in a loose cut, so that boulderers can climb comfortably in them. Depending on the brand, such as Salewa, Houdini or Patagonia, these come in a variety of fashionable styles and offer every boulderer a wide choice to suit their individual look.

As part of bouldering attire, bouldering jackets not only protect and keep boulderers warm on the approach, but are also suitable for warming up during the first few moves and when spotting. With matching base layers and a warm beanie, bouldering can be enjoyed even in low temperatures. Headbands are also well-suited for bouldering.

Bouldering gloves and hoodies

When it gets really cold outside, some boulderers wear bouldering gloves, which provide a good combination of warmth and sensation with their open fingertips. Many boulderers go without gloves altogether and instead warm their hands in the pockets of their bouldering jackets.

Hoodies are especially popular among boulderers as part of their bouldering get-up. Loose-fitting hoodies offer good freedom of movement and simply look great. They are also comfortable for everyday wear. Hoodies for boulderers come in either cotton, synthetic fibre, merino wool or fleece.

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