Mountaineering trousers for optimal protection

Mountaineering Trousers

Functional mountaineering trousers are a must on mountain adventures! Not only are they great in all weathers, but you can even wear them during various activities. You’ve got to have a pair with you during your adventure, be it on you or in your backpack. Mountaineering trousers are amazing because they’ll protect your legs against the cold, wind and rain, they’ll prevent injuries during falls and protect you against sharp rocks.

Mountaineering trousers are versatile

Mountaineering trousers come in a wide variety of styles and fabrics. From breathable hardshell trousers and waterproof trousers to padded softshell trousers and simple mountaineering trousers for hill walking and climbing, the range is huge! Plus, depending on the terrain and the season, they should be able to protect you against the elements and also be super durable. While climbing and hill walking trousers' materials are more flexible and lightweight, mountaineering trousers for ski mountaineering, multipitch climbing and ice climbing are extremely durable. As a result, it’s great to have several pairs of mountaineering trousers in your closet.

Waterproof and breathable: hardshell mountaineering trousers

Even though waterproof trousers are thought of as hardshell trousers, they’re usually made to be stowed away in your backpack and only worn over your actual mountaineering trousers when it’s bucketing down. Hardshell trousers can be worn at all times and are made of a more durable material. Nowadays, mountaineering trousers are equipped with highly functional, breathable membranes to ensure a balanced microclimate and to keep your legs dry. Some models are also outfitted with laminated zips on the outside of the legs that you can use to get some fresh air, and it also makes for an easy on/off. Plus, the leg ends should be equipped with durable scuff guards to prevent cuts and injuries. As a result, the sharp edges of your skis and your crampons’ points won’t be able to ruin the mountaineering trousers.

A must-have: softshell mountaineering trousers

Softshell is the most used fabric for mountaineering trousers when it comes to climbing and hill walking. Although softshell trousers are not waterproof, they’ll be able to endure a short shower and, pairing them with waterproof trousers often provides ultimate protection. Plus, thanks to their flexible properties, they’re especially suited for high-movement activities. You can even go ski touring or hill walking in particularly cold regions with them. As for lined mountaineering trousers, their softshell fabric can maintain your body heat and reliably protect you against cold winds. Plus, when they’re equipped with braces, your back and the sensitive kidney area will be kept toasty.

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