Always well secured on a half rope

Half Ropes

Premium half ropes should not be missing from a climber's inventory. Climbers who are traveling in the alpine area, appreciate the many benefits of half ropes. A half rope is usually relatively thin at 7.8 to 9 millimeters in diameter. Half ropes can be utilized in the classic double rope technique or as a double rope in twin strand. They also allow the belaying of two other climbers. Using half ropes increase the redundancy, because the probability that both ropes will be severed by falling rocks or sharp edges is relatively low. Abseiling with two half ropes means you still get the full rope length.

What must quality half ropes endure?

A half rope must always be reliable and secure. If it comes to a fall, then you have to be able to completely rely on the half rope. For this reason, a half rope must be checked to the European safety standard EN 892 in order to be allowed on the market as a climbing rope. In this test, a single strand of the half rope must survive 5 UIAA falls without breaking with a load of 55 kilograms each. If it survives 10 UIAA falls, it can be categorized as a multi-fall rope. Furthermore, the rope elongation should also not exceed a certain value. If all of these properties are present, the half rope is approved as a climbing rope.

What is really important when buying a half rope?

Anyone choosing a half rope should pay attention to some important things. When the half rope is mainly used for ice climbing and mountaineering, good dry treatment plays a major role. Through a high-quality dry treatment, half ropes can be protected from moisture, dirt and dust. This prolongs the service life many times over. Also important is the rope diameter. In general, the thinner the half rope, the lighter it is. But thicker half ropes are more robust and more resistant. Ultimately it is up to each individual climber what rope diameter they prefer, but things like body weight and climbing experience should be taken into consideration.

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