With kids' harnesses, little mountaineers can touch the sky

Harnesses Kids

Climbing harnesses particularly designed for kids allow the little mountaineers to conquer the rock safely. Special harnesses for little alpinists and junior mountaineers can be used for classic sport and rock climbing as well as for vie ferrate or alpine terrain. Parents who love outdoor activities and mountaineering don't have to keep their little climbing enthusiasts away from walls any longer. With the right kid's climbing harness, you can take your children on their first climbing adventure.

Characteristics of technical kid's climbing harnesses

With respect to safety and use, kids' harnesses and such for adults are on the same level! Special kid's climbing harnesses are adjustable, user-friendly, and come with childproof return buckles or self-blocking harness buckles. Moreover, kids' harnesses are adjusted to the anatomy of kids. Many modern designs are equipped with extra narrow and strong belts, a rotating hip belt that allows you to center your child's anchor point, or plastic-reinforced belts that won't slip out of the harness buckles unintentionally. The anchor point of kids' climbing harnesses is located higher and therefore moves the center of your child's body upwards. This prevents the upper body from falling backwards.

Combined climbing harness versus kid's sit harness

When buying a kid's climbing harness, you can choose between combined climbing harnesses and kid's sit harnesses. By now, many mountaineering manufacturers offer both types as special kid's climbing harnesses. The difference between a combined climbing harness and a sit harness for kids is the following: Combined harnesses for kids embrace the child's body better and move the body's center further upwards. The result is that your little mountaineer won't lean too far backwards when hanging on the rope. Furthermore, combined harnesses for kids are suitable for more purposes and can be adjusted in size more flexibly. In contrast, sit harnesses or hip belts for kids are more sporty types of kids' climbing harnesses. Hip belts for kids are fully adjustable as well and can be adapted quickly and safely. Their belay loop can be positioned variably, precisely, and independent of their size. With a suitable kid's harness, young climbing pros can go for the summit or the next deviation.

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