Stable shoes for small feet: junior walking boots

Walking Boots Kids

As your family holiday in the Alps draws nearer, you need to find stable footwear for the young ones. Luckily, there are trekking shoes and boots just for kids. Hiking is fun for kids and adults alike.

There are many types of walking boots for kids. There are light hiking shoes, insulated winter walking shoes, and mountain hiking shoes. They can use these on their first mountaineering or via ferrata tours.

Finding the right size of children's walking boots

Like men's and women's walking boots, the special shoe varieties for kids have to sit well. The heel can't slip. The toe area in particular should have adequate space. Reinforced hiking socks should be worn while testing a pair. If there are uncomfortable pressure points, choose the next shoe size. Children's feet grow quickly but are still relatively soft. If their hiking boots are too small, it could stunt the growth of their toes. Outgrown shoes should be replaced! Insoles with size profiles make it easier to choose certain models.

Many junior walking boots come with a shaft, including those from Lowa, Hanwag, and Adidas. These higher-cut hiking boots for kids are more secure, even when the toe area has some extra space. Kids' walking boots are available in sizes from 27 to 42. They're suitable for older youths as well.

Features and recommended uses of boys & girls walking boots

Walking shoes for kids have valuable, high-quality features. Hiking shoes can be made of leather, synthetic leather, or with an additional waterproof membrane. Depending on the application, there are children's hiking boots (with a shaft) for coarser ground and half-shoes for everyday use. Accordingly, the soles are fairly stiff and robust. Many trekking shoes for kids include high-quality Vibram soles. They aren't missing any of the features associated with the adult models.

Some walking boots for kids feature waterproof Gore-Tex. They're also windproof when combined with warm socks. This makes them effective as winter boots. Like with adult models, some versions have thinner climbing soles at the front. This helps the little ones master ascents and via ferrata confidently. Combine these walking shoes with the right outdoor clothing for kids. Now nothing will stand in the way of a successful family vacation in the mountains!

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