Binoculars for outdoor adventurers


There are many uses for high-quality binoculars. For nature lovers and animal watching, good binoculars with high magnification and high image quality are the perfect equipment for excursions near or far. In the mountains or on the sea, powerful binoculars are indispensable. Powerful and high-quality models make observing even more fun.

Every mountain tour should take at least a lightweight and robust pair of binoculars to study climbing routes from the base of wall, to analyse a mountain pass or to follow each step of your climbing buddies or expedition group. The compact design and low weight means that high-quality walking binoculars fit into every touring rucksack.

The perfect binoculars on the mountain

Binoculars by Luger are popular for their low weight and good durability. You hardly notice them in your bag so you always have them at hand. Another important consideration is a low pack size. Trekking or hillwalking binoculars can be collapsed down very small and then stored in a binoculars bag. They can often be attached to a rucksack or belt, so that they're ready to grab.

High-quality binoculars ensure a great viewing quality despite their compact shape. Multi-layer fully-coated lenses and phase-corrected prisms provide high colour fidelity and great edge sharpness. Visual fields with a large field of view are a real advantage when observing moving objects. Waterproof housing means that binoculars are ready for any adventure and a nitrogen filling inside effectively prevents the formation of condensation when there are large temperature changes.

Recommended uses for binoculars

These small and compact outdoor binoculars are just the thing if you need binoculars that see a lot of action and should not add to much weight when you are hiking, hillwalking or trekking. A robust housing with good grip that is impervious to temperature fluctuations and adverse weather conditions is the perfect choice for year-round use on mountain tours.

Of course you have to remember that there are limits on the focal length and magnification. The manufacturers Eschenbach Optik and Luger should be the brands of choice for you if you're after constant and precise observation and the weight of the binoculars plays a smaller role than high magnification. With their practical tripod mount, they are not only suitable for animal observation but also for expeditions. Of course, most of these larger models are also mostly waterproof and nitrogen-filled, and feature phase-corrected prisms and multi-layer full-coating of the best quality and workmanship.

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