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Black Diamond - Climbing gear and clothes

Adam Ondra, Alex Honnold, Dave MacLeod, Ines Papert, and many other exceptional athletes trust their lives to Black Diamond equipment - just like generations of mountain sports fans have done before them. Since the very beginning of this label's history, Black Diamond has understood and catered for the high expectations of serious mountaineers. The American manufacturer offers gear and equipment for virtually all aspects of climbing.

The Black Diamond portfolio includes climbing harnesses, carabiners, portable safety equipment like clamp nuts or friends, as well as ascenders and portaledges for Big Wall climbing.

Snow and ice

The Americans are real experts when it comes to traveling on snow and ice. Ice climbing in particular is a discipline for which they have developed blade-edged ice screws, ergonomically designed ice equipment, and sophisticated crampons.

Black Diamond also has plenty to offer when it comes to ski touring. One of the most famous innovations in that area - the AvaLung system - can help save the lives of avalanche victims as it manages the available oxygen. A valve on the AvaLung filters air from the surrounding snow. The exhaled CO2 is led away from the body via another valve. The system will ensure a significantly longer air supply for buried victims.

Tours and mountaineering

Black Diamond has plenty to offer for mountaineering, hiking, and touring as well. Trekking poles by Black Diamond equipment have a very low weight and their clever locking mechanisms allow folding the poles to save valuable packing space.

A large variety of backpack models for virtually any requirement offer plenty of packing space for provisions, equipment, and clothing. The use of cleverly mixed materials makes these backpacks extremely robust and light-weight. Their sophisticated strap system makes carrying loads over long distances a breeze.

Outdoor clothing for climbers

Black Diamond - Climbing gear and clothes

Black Diamond sparkles with real mountain sports spirit. You won't find many other manufacturers with a selection of products for rock and ice that will be more varied than theirs. It therefore comes as no surprise that particularly the climbing clothes range of the brand is a particular favorite. And the hoodies, climbing trousers, and T-shirts by Black Diamond are of course also perfectly suited to the demanding conditions when climbing or bouldering. Quite simply an unbeatable combination.

Black Diamond's strict quality checks

Recalls for climbing gear is nowadays not unheard of - but you will never hear the name Black Diamond mentioned. The quality supplied by this manufacturer is literally legendary. Of course that is not a coincidence.

Quality is at the very core of the company's philosophy, and the manufacturer will leave no stone unturned to ensure that only the very best climbing equipment will bear its name. Every individual part of every piece of equipment is quality-tested in accordance with 3 Sigma, and tested for its nominal tensile strength. An ISO 9001 certification is therefore a matter of course, and is further proof of the commitment to provide only the very best equipment.

Supporting environmental protection projects in the mountains

Striving towards a better use of natural resources, electric power, and CO2 emissions should be a matter of course. Black Diamond goes one step further and offers support for a variety of organizations.

These include the European Outdoor Conservation Association, which is a patron for various international environmental protection projects, and Respect the Mountain Organization, whose mission is to promote a more sustainable approach to mountain tourism and raise awareness for the unique beauty and vulnerability of this type of biosphere.

Black Diamond - by and for genuine mountain athletes!

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