A high-quality cycling jersey is a must on every tour

Cycling Jerseys

Lightweight, comfortable, and highly functional: cycling jerseys are just as essential as cycling trousers and a helmet. Cycling jerseys are specially designed for maximum performance, and they should be breathable, offer lots of freedom of movement and be comfortable. But what exactly makes for a good cycling jersey? And what should you look out for before buying one?

Cycling jerseys are incredibly functional

Whilst mountain biking or cycling, a simple T-shirt won’t cut it. Cycling requires a high-quality and functional shirt that can endure any challenge, and they should be made of high-performing fabrics. High-quality cycling jerseys are designed to meet any requirement, so you’re guaranteed to find one you love!

First things first: breathability! Cycling isn’t just about fun, it’s also an exhausting activity that can bring you to a sweat. As a result, most cycling jerseys are highly breathable. Your sweat will be directly absorbed by the fabric and transported outside to where it can evaporate to prevent your body from overheating. Many cycling jerseys also feature ventilation options, such as a zip at the collar, which will come in handy when you break out into a sweat.
In addition, thanks to their windproof design, some cycling jerseys can also protect you against freezing winds. Some models have other useful features, such as a UV protection in the fabric to protect you against harmful UV radiation or antimicrobial fabrics that prevent the jersey from taking on bad odours. As a result, they’re perfect for long rides and sensitive noses!

Cycling JerseysThe importance of the cut

Since cyclists are in a bent over position whilst cycling, the cut is also very important! Your cycling jersey should have a longer back to protect your back and to prevent the jersey from riding up.
In addition, you should always have your valuables readily accessible whilst cycling. A good cycling jersey should therefore have easily accessible pockets on the back, even if it may add some extra weight once filled.

Cycling jerseys can either have short or long sleeves. While short sleeved jerseys are more common, long sleeved models are great for cooler temperatures. Another option it to combine your short sleeve shirt with functional arm sleeves for more flexibility. This allows you to adapt to changing temperatures and weather conditions.
Another great option is a one-piece suit that consists of cycling shorts and a top, almost like a cycling overall. Whether you’re looking for women or men’s cycling jerseys, you’ve got to find one that fits right. It’s going to be up to you whether you want a snug or loose fitting jersey, but don't forget to take the activity into consideration. Racing cyclists prefer tight-fitting jerseys, while most mountain bikers prefer looser fitting ones. Regardless of which cycling jersey you end up choosing, you can count on Endura, Löffler, Scott, Pearl Izumi, Mavic and other well-known manufacturers to find a high-quality jersey!

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