Bouldering shoes for maximum performance on the rocks and in the climbing hall

Bouldering Shoes

Bouldering shoes are special climbing shoes developed for the specific requirements of boulderers. Unlike regular climbing shoes, bouldering shoes are only designed for short and intensive climbing sessions. This means that boulderers do not wear their bouldering shoes for too long at once, as is the case among climbers on climbing walls and rock faces. For a long climbing route with multiple rope lengths, most bouldering shoes are simply too tight and have too much heel tension for long-term wear.

What makes bouldering shoes so uncomfortable on long climbing routes is precisely what makes them so effective on short ones. Bouldering shoes from Scarpa, La Sportiva or Ocun have an exceptionally high heel tension and when new, look like they are about to curl into themselves. In many cases, they also have a down turn in the toe area. This means that the bouldering shoe is formed for placing maximum pressure on tiny footholds with the big toe. The heel area of the bouldering shoes too is shaped to help the heel engage effectively when performing a hook.

Bouldering equipment and clothing for men and women

Bouldering shoes for women are specially designed for smaller and narrower feet than bouldering shoes for men. For younger children, bouldering shoes for kids should not be too tight and should have less heel tension, so that they are more comfortable to wear. For beginners too, there are bouldering shoes with less heel tension and down turn available; those with more developed strength, technique and body tension can move up to the more aggressively shaped and professional models. Our bouldering shoe size calculator will help you select the right size in relation to your normal shoe size.

In addition to the right shoes and a crash pad for bouldering outdoors, boulderers also need a little chalk and comfortable, functional bouldering clothes. Boulderers often use large chalk containers with open chalk, but liquid chalk and normal chalk bags are equally useful. Bouldering brushes, which can be used to remove dust and dirt from grips, are very important to achieve optimum traction.

Bouldering shirts, bouldering shorts and bouldering trousers from reputable bouldering brands are not only stylish and attractive, but also guarantee exceptional freedom of movement for demanding climbing moves. Bouldering clothes also ensure an optimal and comfortable fit. Bouldering shirts and trousers are usually slightly more loose-fitting than conventional clothing for climbers. Brush holders, gusset inserts and wide, elastic waistbands are very popular and widespread among boulderers.

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