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The story of Five Ten began - as it should with any US brand whose roots lie with climbing - in the Yosemite Valley. In the mid 1980s, a 5.10 climbing grade in free climbing meant that casual climbing routes became routes that got a bit more extreme. Charles Cole, founder of Five Ten and renowned for being the first climber on various daring slab and friction routes with great runouts, made it his business to create a climbing shoe with a specialist rubber blend. The legendary Stealth Rubber was developed shortly after! This is still used to this day with further developed formulas on the most difficult touring routes. Five Ten has consistently succeeded in raising the bar for high-end climbing shoes while regularly setting new standards for everyone else!

Cycling shoes by Five Ten - the choice for demanding trains

It is not only on the hardest climbing routes and boulders that top athletes rely on Five Ten shoes. It has been over 20 years and they are still a vital part of the cycling shoe industry. You will come across Five Ten shoes whenever things get a bit more extreme, like free-riding, trail and downhill biking. These cycling shoes combine an incredible non-slip Stealth Rubber sole blend that is perfect for cycling with a fantastic finish as well as incredible comfort with a casual look! The shoes ensure an absolutely solid grip on platform pedals, which is vital for good control. Five Ten has the right shoe for every need related to cycling. All of them have a nicely profiled sole with excellent friction and their upper material has a robust finish.

Approach shoes - stylish sneakers by Five Ten

The combination of grip, a solid finish and beautiful design make them perfect for climbing as well as wearing every day. Five Ten has a whole range of stylish approach shoes and sneakers in their range!

Five Ten

Five Ten Stealth - rubber shoes for every use

Highly reliable material is vital for every type of sport that Five Ten provides for, and can often be the deciding factor between success and failure. Your feet cannot lose their grip when hen climbing, bouldering, downhill riding and mountain biking! The deciding factor for a rubber blend is the combination of grip and friction! The sole of any climbing or cycling shoe must be able to take a lot to ensure its durability. At the same time, it should have the right amount of friction for every surface so it keeps a reliable grip on rock, downhill in the saddle or on a climb. Five Ten managed this by fine-tuning the different variations of Stealth Rubber and working very closely with the top athletes in each type of sport!

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