The right parts for your dream bike

Bike Parts

The right parts transform a bike from just a frame into a speed racer. With all the available parts in our shop from Schwalbe, Shimano, Fizik, Look, Crankbrothers and other big name manufacturers, you can transform any bike, whether it's a touring bike, road bike or mountain bike, into a one of a kind racer.
To provide an overview, the following contains general information and shopping tips for bike accessories.

Bike Accessories: Big Parts

When speaking of bike accessories, big parts refer to construction kits, frames and wheels. There are individual mountain bike frames and road bike frames where the right size is very important. In addition to that, there is the build (marathon bike, time trial bikes, touring bikes, full suspension, hardtail, downhill bikes etc.), material (carbon or aluminum), the geometry, design and of course the features (holes, mounting options etc.).
Stability and size are also very important (consider the compatibility for each bike and tire type). Weight and aerodynamics also play a big role for ambitious cyclists.
Parts kits contain accessory parts that are suited to the frame, like forks, rear derailleur, impact absorbers, seat posts, breaks etc. Forks also separately belong to the big parts in bike accessories and are selected according to weight, material, length and impact absorbing properties.

Bike Accessories: Smaller Parts

Bike Parts

Small is relative. This category of bike accessories includes the gear and brake components. On a MTB, the fit and the disk brake (adapter sometimes needed), the diameter of the brake disk (the heavier it is, the bigger it becomes) and the brake power and weight are all important factors. On a road bike (rim brake), the fit, power and weight of the bike are just as important as the aerodynamics.
The components should all fit with each other during propulsion. The shift performance is only as good as the weakest link in the combination. The higher the quality, the longer it lasts and the more comfort there is in shifting gears and riding. Super lightweight racer models are a lot less robust, but make up for that in low weight. The chain is by far the fastest wearing component and will have to be replaced more frequently than the pinion set or the chain wheel.
Handlebars, stems, handles, handlebar tape as well as saddles and saddle posts are also selected, like the pedals, primarily for their ergonomic features, as they are the points at which the rider stays in contact with the bike.
Bike tires and inner tubes are also important components when it comes to bike accessories and should be selected according to their puncture resistance, tire size, diameter, tread and rolling resistance. The heavier the bike, the thicker the tires. Thinner tires with a lower pressure and less tread provide less resistance on quick tours. This does also reduce grip, which can be dangerous in wet conditions.

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