Have an excellent grip on crags thanks to a chalk bag

Chalk Bags Having moist and sweaty hands is a problem every sport climber has encountered. And if you’re a climber, then you know how important it is to have a good grip on the crag. As a result, having a chalk bag is an absolute must-have. Inside the chalk bag you can put magnesium carbonate powder, aka chalk, which will dry your hands and ensure a safe grip whilst climbing. You can attach your chalk bag to the back of your climbing harness at hip level, so you’ll be able to reach it with both hands. A perfect grip is essential whilst climbing.

Premium chalk bags – what features do they have?

There are so many designs, dimensions and colours to choose from, so which one should you get? A chalk bag should be small, easy to handle and it shouldn’t disturb you whilst climbing. The opening should be reinforced and be large enough for you to reach into it easily. In addition, the chalk bag’s outer should be water-repellent to protect it against moisture. Your chalk bag should also have a tight closure system because it'll prevent any dirt and moisture from penetrating, it ensures that the chalk remains loose and dry, and it also prevents the chalk from falling out.

Practical features

Some models have additional zipped pockets in which you can store small items, such as your keys, money or your phone. Some models also include a brush holder for your bouldering brush, so you can clean the dust and dirt off the handles. And, whether you want a plain or colourful chalk bag is up to you. There are so many chalk bags on the market, so you’re guaranteed to find something that’s right for you.

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