Cleaning climbing holds with climbing brushes

Many chalk bags have a small elastic loop for attaching practical climbing brushes. A climbing brush can be used to clean grips and footholds from dirt in the climbing hall and on the crag. This makes the climbing holds more comfortable to grasp and provides better grip.

Traces of chalk, soil, dust and dirt can make climbing holds and footholds dirty and slippery or greasy, making small ledges and demanding slopers even more difficult to grip and hold. Thanks to these natural or nylon brushes for climbers and boulderers, the grips can be cleaned and optimised for use in a matter of seconds.

Brushes for climbing and bouldering

For climbers and boulderers, there are different types of climbing brushes and bouldering brushes to choose from. Climbing companies, such as deWOODSTOK, Mantle or Wataaah, provide climbers with small brushes that look like toothbrushes. There are also bouldering brushes that have nylon or natural hair bristles at both ends, with one end being slightly thicker than the other.

Using such brushes means that even particularly narrow ledges and cracks can be perfectly cleaned. For large areas, such as big slopers or volumes, larger brushes are better suited to the job, as they feature more bristles than the small brushes that climbers always attach to their chalk bag. For boulders and larger climbing surfaces in climbing gyms, there are often practical sets of various small and large climbing brushes available.

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