Protects fingers and joints with the right tape

Finger Tape

Good finger tape for climbing does not only help to protect the fingers from superficial injuries like scratches and tears, but also prevents the joints from being over-strained. Here is an overview on tape for climbing.

The right width of finger tape.

All hands are not the same. To accommodate the different hand and finger sizes of climbers climbing tape manufacturers offer different widths. Every climber can thus, depending on finger size, individually decide which tape most easily wraps around it. Tip: If there is no opportunity to test, simply base your decision on glove size (6-9 rather narrow tape, 10-12 broad tape). If needs be, one can cut along the length of the tape!
Apart from that, a somewhat wider tape has the advantage of added stability and adhesive strength. It is recommended for long tours (big wall and alpine climbing). Narrower tape is more flexible to bind and is not as adhesive. It is therefore recommended for boulderers and skilled climbers.

Proper use of climbing tape

Apart from the tape's very composition, it is always advisable to find out the right technique for your own use. It is easiest to get information from experienced climbers.

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