Practical outdoor accessories for trekking and camping

Outdoor accessories

It's often the little things that make life particularly pleasant when hillwalking or camping. Small accessories for hillwalking and climbing are available from numerous providers. Useful outdoor accessories from Buff, Fjällräven or Maloja include scarves, bandanas or mufflers. They are lightweight and offer pleasant warmth and good protection from wind. The functional buffs can also be worn as hair bands, headscarves and face protectors.

Outdoor belts are also practical accessories for outdoor clothing. Outdoor companies offer everything from lightweight webbing with a simple buckle to high-quality leather belts with an elaborate metal buckle. Adjustable braces are also very popular with hikers and skiers and ensure that the outdoor trousers or ski trousers are securely fastened at all times.

Outdoor umbrellas, pocket warmers and earplugs

The range of outdoor accessories is huge and new practical gadgets come onto the market every season. A lightweight trekking umbrella is one of the tried and tested classics. Some models even come with umbrella holders for a walking backpack, so that your hands remain free while hillwalking. Earplugs in your luggage also ensure a good night's sleep when the wind tears at your tent or your bunkmate in the hut is snoring too loudly.

A first aid kit is just as much part of the important outdoor equipment and climbing equipment as a bright head torch or camping light. Small pocket warmers that can warm your hands for a few hours in the cold are also very helpful when hillwalking in winter.

Multitools, pocket knives and lighters

Drinking bottles and insulated water bottles are essential for any tour in the mountains. A pocket knife, or better yet a functional tool with a wide range of functions, is also indispensable for many hikers and mountaineers. Minor repairs can often be carried out on the spot.

The ability to make a fire, or at least get the camping cooker going, is part of outdoor living. A lighter, flash lighter or waterproof matches are therefore a must in your touring luggage.

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