First aid kits for outdoor use

First Aid Kits

It doesn't take much to become distracted and before you know it you've nicked your finger with your freshly-sharpened outdoor knife. From small scrapes and grazes to bleeding cuts, first aid kits can treat minor injuries quickly and safely With a well-equipped first aid kit you are prepared for any eventuality and small accidents can be patched up in no time.

In case of larger accidents and serious injuries you must, of course, contact the emergency services immediately. But with a first aid kit you can take care of small outdoor mishaps such as tick bites, grazes and small cuts. But what should you find in a fully equipped first aid kit?

What should a first aid kit include?

The contents of first aid kits for outdoor use differs greatly. However, there are some important things that should be included in every first aid kit. As well as the "classics", such as a rescue blanket, plasters, compress dressings and bandages, a first aid kit should also include disposable gloves. After all, when your out in the middle of nowhere you don't have the opportunity to quickly wash your hands. And hygiene is absolutely essential when dressing wounds. First Aid KitsThat's why a first aid kit should also include a disinfectant spray or disinfectant wipes. Two other important first aid kit items are bandage scissors and tweezers. And in case of an emergency, a double-sided survival blanket is also essential. They reduce heat loss in the person's body, which can be of enormous importance in the case of serious injuries. The packaging of the first aid kit should also not be overlooked. The contents should be protected against dirt and moisture at all times. And first aid kits should be nice and compact for outdoor use. As you know, space is at a premium inside your backpack!

First aid kits are perfect for treating wounds quickly. Whether it's a quick plaster on the finger, pulling a splinter from a foot or first aid in an emergency, with a well-equipped first aid kit you can set out on your outdoor adventure with peace of mind. A first aid kit is simply a must on any tour!

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