Sleep in peace under the right mosquito net!

Mosquito Nets

Who is not familiar with the annoying whirring at twilight? No matter how a stage of the trekking tour or a sunny day of climbing was, if mosquitoes rob the pleasant evening at the bonfire or at the campsite, there is no fun being outside.
Furthermore, a restless sleep, plagued by mosquitoes over several nights, will lead to poor regeneration followed by limited power for the beautiful outdoor adventures!
Therefore, an effective insect repellent is needed! Only a decent mosquito net protects against unwelcome visitors during the night and ensures a restful and peaceful sleep on tour and on vacation. While the usual tents with double-walled construction already have an (usually separately usable) inner tent with mosquito nets, you should always have as part of your outdoor equipment the suitable mosquito net for your hammock or sleeping bags whilst on vacation and tours in tropical climes! A good mosquito net is also recommended for all overnight stays in traditional hotels, motels, hostels, apartments, etc.!
If it is hot outside and at night the temperatures barely fall below 20 degrees, nobody wants to sleep with closed windows. Then however you will be eaten by the lousy fliers, if there is no correct insect protection present!
Here are some general guidances on the features of a proper mosquito net!

Against small harassers: Mosquito nets and their features

What you should consider when buying a mosquito net for a stay in tropical climes or simply in summer conditions, is the right size. Firstly, there are mosquito nets for one or two people, they refer to the length and width of the bed, respectively the sleeping place. In addition, such nets are flexible in the possibility of hanging them off the ceiling or a tree branch or other attachments, in order to fit them in such a way that they always lay flat on the ground or the edge of the bed and as such no loopholes for mosquitoes can form. You should however always remember to pack sticky tape, hooks or similar things, in order to be able to secure the cord of the mosquito net to the ceiling of a room. If the ceiling's height is greater than the length of the adjustable cord - simply pack an accessory cord.
Often small weighted objects on the corners help to keep the mosquito net on the ground. Furthermore, some models of mosquito nets are already pre-treated and mosquito repellent. As such, the critters do not feel tempted!
Some insect nets have rods on the top and are thus deflected to the sides. For large nets you thus have no space problems and have a sorted sleeping surface without a net in your face.

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