Sleep peacefully under a mosquito net!

Mosquito Nets

Being woken up by an annoying buzzing at night isn’t fun. No matter how fun your trek or climb was, mosquitoes can ruin a nice evening sitting at the campfire and at your campsite.
Mosquitoes can cause restless nights, which can lower your energy for the next day’s adventure.
You need a decent mosquito net to protect yourself at night to ensure you get a restful night's sleep. While tents with double-walled constructions already have an inner tent with mosquito nets (which can usually be used separately), you should always have an extra mosquito net for your hammock or sleeping bag when staying in tropical climates. We also recommend bringing a good mosquito net when staying in hotels, motels, hostels, apartments, etc.
When it’s hot out at night, you’ll certainly want to sleep with opened windows. So, if you don’t want to be attacked by mosquitoes, you’ll need protection!
Here are some general guidelines on the features of a proper mosquito net!

Protect yourself: mosquito nets and their features

The first thing you need to consider when buying a mosquito net for a stay in a tropical climate or in summer is its size. There are mosquito nets for one or two persons, and the length and width of the bed or sleeping area should be taken into consideration. In addition, some nets can be hung on the ceiling, a tree branch or other attachments to ensure the net lays flat on the ground or on the edge of the bed. This prevents the creation of loopholes for mosquitoes. However, you should always remember to pack sticky tape, hooks or similar objects in order to be able to secure the cord of the mosquito net to the ceiling of a room. And if the ceiling’s height is greater than the length of the adjustable cord, then you’ll need an accessory cord.
You can even place small weighted objects on the corners to keep the mosquito net on the ground. In addition, some models already have a treatment and are mosquito-repellent, so they won’t even be tempted to get close to you!
Some insect nets have poles on the top that deflects the sides, and you can even get a large, spacious net to ensure the net isn't near your face.

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