Cotton tents for outdoor touring

Cotton Tents

Cotton tents are not the lightest companions, take long to dry if they happen to get wet, but have also been steadily gaining popularity in the last few years. Why is that? Modern cotton tents are very durable, provide a comfortable climate inside and are quick and easy to set up. Anyone who thinks that cotton tents are a thing of the long gone past is sorely mistaken. So have a good night in that cotton tent!

What are the benefits of modern cotton tents and what designs are there to choose from?

As previously mentioned, cotton tent fabric has many advantages. First and foremost, the fabric on tents like these is very resilient. Cotton tents are abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant and durable. Anyone looking for a tent that will really last a lifetime is in the right place with these made using natural materials. As cotton is known as a natural fibre, it is also highly UV-resistant. This means that the fabric also won't take any lasting damage over a longer period of being in strong sunlight. This is perfect for camping holidays where a tent will be standing in one spot for longer periods of time. Another advantage: Cotton tents are quickly and easily assembled. As cotton camping tents do not require any inner tents, you can save yourself from having to set up a complicated structure which saves on the overall time it takes to set up camp.

The most important factor for the night is the climate inside the tent, which leads us to the next advantage. Cotton tents provide a pleasant interior climate. The moisture that develops inside gets wicked outward through the fabric. It also won't get as hot in a cotton tent as it does in its synthetic fibre counterparts. Speaking of moisture! Cotton tents are totally rainproof. A thickly woven cotton tent will absorb a lot of moisture when it rains. The fibres swell and the surface tension of the water creates a type of film that stays completely leak-proof. Even though manufacturers often state a lower hydrostatic head, there is no need to worry about suddenly being drenched with rain.

Cotton tents come in all kinds of different designs. From rustic teepee tents for one to three people to large family tents for holidays with a recreational vehicle and even group tents that can be found in scout camps. There is one thing tents by Nordisk, Tentipi, Hilleberg or any other brand manufacturers have in common: they are all top quality and ensure cosy outdoor nights wherever they are set up. Anyone needing a robust, weatherproof tent that will last a long time but doesn't have to consider every single gram they take with them is guaranteed to love a cotton tent!

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