Fleece jumpers - all-rounders for every season

Fleece Jumpers

As a top layer on a cool summer night, or underneath the first layer during the winter: This fleece jumper is a useful companion whatever the occasion, activity or season. In comparison to fleece jackets, this fleece pullover has no full-length zipper and fewer to no pockets. Its main functions are warmth and insulation. This is defined by the strength of the material. More often than not, the amount of grams per square meter is 100, 200 or 300 in thickness. The term "microfleece" also comes up with some manufacturers and refers to the thinnest variation in the fleece family.
The thicker the material, the warmer it is. This means a 300-weight fleece pullover will most likely be too warm and not the best choice for rigorous physical activity, like cross-country skiing. Microfleece would suffice for this.

Fleece jumpers offer both function and comfort

Further advantages of fleece pullovers include their breathability for a good body climate and the moisture wicking on the outside of higher end models. If it gets wet in an unexpected rain storm, then the insulation properties should remain in tact and keep you warm. A huge advantage over traditional wool sweaters. The material also dries very quickly. Models that feature an additional layer for windproofing provide the best protection in cold, dry weather.
Fleece jumpers also stand out for their high levels of comfort. They are non-itch, not bulky thanks to their low weight and also ensure great freedom of movement.
The less sensitive material is easy to clean when it gets dirty. Quality should always be a deciding factor in any purchase, as lower quality fabrics are prone to pilling. Fire and sparks are the only real enemies of fleece jumpers. You must be careful, as the synthetic material will react like ice in the sun.

Material and Sustainability of Fleece Pullovers

This polyester material was developed in 1979 in the USA, and nowadays many manufacturers, like Patagonia are making it using largely recycled PET bottles and old items of clothing that are not being worn anymore. So you can buy yourself a fleece jumper with a clear conscience.

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