Soft, warm and functional: merino jumpers

Merino Jumpers

Merino wool jumpers are all-rounders made of natural fibres and have many properties that otherwise only textiles made of synthetic fibres have. They’ve got so much to offer!

Where does the raw material found in merino wool jumpers come from?

The wool found in merino wool jumpers comes from merino sheep that live in adverse climate conditions in the Southern Alps. The summers in the Southern Alps are hot, whilst the winters are ice cold, so nature provided them with wool that's built for these conditions. These special fibres give the merino garments their outstanding properties.

Features of merino jumpers

Merino wool not only keeps the body warm, but it’s also naturally breathable. In addition, merino jumpers don’t absorb any unpleasant odours, which is a great property to have on multi-day tours or ski trips. Plus, even if the merino jumper or merino base layer gets wet, that won’t be an issue! Not only does the merino wool compensate for the thermal output when wet, but it’s also quick-drying. Another great feature of merino wool jumpers is their wonderful softness, so they won’t scratch your skin as do normal wool fibres. And now for the icing on the cake: merino jumpers have a natural UV protection due to their „miracle fibre", which is a very important feature in functional clothing.

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