Ski tour clothing

Ski Tour Clothing

On ski tours, a rider is regularly confronted with weather extremes. At times the valley acts as a parabolic mirror, and you want to ride in a T-shirt, whilst other times it is -15°C cold and an icy wind is blowing. Important is that despite the extreme weather conditions, the clothing must work at all times. In order for the clothing to adjust flexibly to different conditions, the so-called onion principle has been adapted, in which several layers are combined. Brands such as Arc'teryx, Montura and Ortovox offer a wide range of ski tour clothing.

The onion principle of functional clothing

In functional clothing, it has proven useful to combine multiple thin layers, rather than to use one single thick layer. The base is formed by a layer of performance underwear, often made from warm and functional materials such as Merino wool. The base layer is followed by an insulation layer made of fleece. If it is very cold on a particularly day, then the fleece layer thickness can also be increased. On top of the insulation layer, for which even down jackets may be used, follows a weather-resistant outer layer, which can be a softshell jacket or hardshell jacket. The specially fit ski jacket ensures that the clothing suits the activities perfectly.


In addition to the basic clothing for tours - base layer, mid layer and shell layer - come various accessories such beanies, buffs, various gloves, socks and face masks. These garments protect the extremities from getting cold and ensure efficient transportation of sweat away from the body.

Clever combination

Those who dress in ski clothing according to the onion principle, can take off superfluous layers when ascending sunny slopes. If then the wind picks up towards the top again, a softshell jacket with good ventilation options will provide good service. Once on the summit, an optional warm down jacket comes into use, whilst on the descent a water-resistant layer should be chosen. This can be for example a hard- or softshell jacket. These are necessary, as in deep snow it is important that the outer layer provides good protection against snow and moisture so that the body does not cool down.

The clothing has more variations of wear than the sum of parts.

If the individual components are chosen with care, the possible combinations are immense. No matter if it rains or if the sun is burning - everyone will be well prepared!

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