Outdoor clothing

Outdoor Clothing

Touring with the best possible outdoor wear

Outdoor Clothing

"There is no such thing as bad weather - there just is inadequate clothes!" Every outdoor fan has heard something like that at least once in their lives. Although it sounds trite, you cannot deny its veracity, there is finally good functionwear suitable for any weather and every occasion. No matter if for sport or leisure, for big or small, for the climbing pro or beginner, the supply of high-quality and robust outdoor clothing is enormous.

Specialists in outdoor areas such as Mammut, Patagonia, Fjällräven or Icebreaker offer alpine clothing and climbing clothes for upmarket requirements. Maloja equips bikers with road race clothing and downhill clothing, whilst Arc'teryx provides the winter sport adventurers with ski wear and ski tour clothing.

Outdoor clothes for any eventuality

The term outdoor clothing is extremely broad: From functionwear for mountain sports to functional underwear, through to ski wear for the slopes. Outdoor enthusiasts with a keen eye for function and quality, have a huge variety of outdoor wear to choose from. State of the art outdoor clothes is by no means only functional! Already, the producers of outdoor gear convince with modern patterns and stylish designs.

What is really important when planning a big tour? When it comes to stocking up with a set of functionwear, the so-called „onion principle" becomes an important keyword. In other words: combine several garment layers with different fabrics and varying density to optimize heat insulation and wicking. The first layer will usually be functional underwear. The second layer consists of fleece or wool and serves as an insulating layer. The third layer an outdoor jacket and trousers combination will protect against wind and weather. One great benefit of the "onion" look is that the simple addition or removal of a layer will adapt the wearer to current weather conditions. A sudden downpour, for example, will no longer mean the end of the tour.

What should you look for in outdoor clothing?

Outdoor Clothing
  • Good quality and resilience

    Good functionwear will stand out in terms of an excellent finish and high wear resistance. High quality alpine clothes is manufactured with state of the art fibers to be able to withstand the toughest challenges. As such natural raw materials such as Merino wool are used, as well as pure synthetic fiber and synthetic leather that suit all the criteria for vegan shoes and clothes.

  • Protection from weather and good breathability

    In addition to the basics, i.e. protection against wind and rain, the fabric should also be highly breathable. Outdoor clothing should keep you warm in cold weather, but keep you cool when things hotten up. Your core body temperature should therefore always remain at a constant level. Many outdoor jackets and outdoor pants are equipped with waterproof and breathable membranes of GORE-TEX and others that guarantee the breathability and protection against wind and weather.

  • Freedom of movement during sports

    In addition to excellent functionality, outdoor clothes should be comfortable and provide sufficient freedom of movement. Therefore elastic fibers such as spandex are processed in many garments. Many of the latest fabrics used for outdoor clothing offer additional UV protection. In short: nothing stands between you and the outdoor adventure of a lifetime!

What types of outdoor clothes are there?

  • Outdoor pants are due to their high functionality, their comfort and their stability the perfect companion on a tour through the terrain. Their quality finish and particularly wear-resistant materials make then the ideal choice for any outdoor enthusiast. No matter if trekking pants, climbing pants, hard or soft shell pants, any outdoor activity has the appropriate outdoor pants, although boulder gear and hiking gear are optically often far apart.
  • Outdoor jackets protect against rain, snow, wind, and cold, while keeping the body's core temperature at an optimized level. This is achieved with breathable membranes and quick-drying fibers. Besides the already mentioned fleece jacket, there are soft or hard shell jackets, double jackets and for extremely cold temperatures, the down jacket. The outdoor jackets used as rainwear, provide optimum weather protection and are an indispensable part of the hiking and trekking gear.
  • Functional underwear plays an important part in regulating body heat. Their excellent wicking properties protect the body against overheating under stress. In cold temperatures, the functional underwear represents an additional insulating layer.
  • Outdoor accessories such as waterproof gloves and windproof beanies are also available in an incredible number of colors and shapes. Here there are variations of models of outdoor gear for small children, young people, women and men. Last but not least, outdoor gear finds its place in the travel clothing and leisurewear and has become essential everyday clothing for many people.
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