Down vests - cozy, warm and lightweight

Down Vests

No matter whether you need them for an expedition, a skiing tour or for everyday purposes in winter: down gilets will keep you wonderfully warm and are amazingly lightweight. Whenever the ratio between insulation and weight is concerned, down offers many advantages compared to the other materials. You can easily slip into a down vest to keep the upper body warm. Yet the arms will have their full freedom of movement. Your down vest is the ideal companion on a mild summer night but also when taking the dog for a walk early in the morning. Down vests for ladies and down vests for men have cuts that fit to the bodies. The down vest shawls your body closely, which increases its insulating effect. Many designs have tunnel cords in their hems or collars, which will prevent cold air from getting under the vest.

When comparing down, there are differences in quality.

There are different kinds of down. The quality of goose down is normally considered higher than the quality of duck down. But there are other factors that have impacts on the quality. The mixture ratio between feathers and actual down is just as important. The feathers in the lining serve to increase stability. Insulation itself is completely up to the down. A general rule says: The higher the percentage of the down, the warmer the down vest. At a mixture ratio of 80/20 this means that the lining consist of 80 % of down and 20 % of feathers. This mixture ratio is ideal for a down jacket that you plan to use for every day purposes. If you plan tours and expeditions, you should make sure that the percentage of down is higher. Another important characteristic of down gilets is the bulking power of the down. It indicates the volume to which a certain amount of down expands again after having been comprised. This is of particular importance if you need to carry the down vest along in your backpack for a considerable amount of time. A general rule says: The higher the volume that the down vest reaches, the warmer it will keep your body. The bulking power, also referred to as fill power, is indicated in Cuin (cubic inches, 1 inchł = 15.62 cmł).

Down and a clean conscience

If you want to make sure you can wear your vest with a clean conscience, you should check whether the down comes life or post-mortem plucking. Also the source of the down should influence your decision. Moreover, it is important what upper material was used for the down vest. The variations range from featherweight over durable to sturdy.
Our customer service offers advice about down vests for ladies and gentlemen.

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