Ski skins

Ski Skins

On a ski tour, the equipment to a great extend decides whether a tourer will return with memories of a great adventure or whether he will come home cursing, only to throw away his skis for good. This especially applies to ski tour skins - they are the only points of contact between you and the ground - and thus, they are crucial for the performance when ascending. Alongside ski pants, ski goggles and the avalanche equipment, skins are definitely a part of the ski gear.

Functionality of the skins

Climbing skins are brushed into one direction. With the means of a powerful adhesive, the rider sticks them to the surface of the tour skis. However, the adhesive should be kept away from pine needles and dirt as much as possible, since the skins have to be replaced once the glue does not stick anymore. In addition to sticking them with adhesive, the rider also fixes the skins to a ski skin tensioner. If the skins are not fixed to the skis during downhill, they are stored in a particular bag for skins. Skins make the skis glide more smoothly, yet, they also prevent them from slipping when walking. Consequently, it should certainly have good gliding properties for skiing, but also provide you with a stable grip if the pressure shifts to the back. The skins by Black Diamond especially are sophisticated and combine both characteristics.

Ready made skins as standard goods

Touring skis are available in different widths and lengths. Ready made skins are available in various standard varieties, which are already equipped with a clamping system and a ski skin tensioner. But if no standard-length suits, the skins need to be trimmed to the desired length and equipped with a clamping system only afterwards. Besides gliding properties and grip, a good impregnation is of crucial importance as well, in order to prevent the surface from water and from getting gloppy. Ski wax (hard or liquid wax) can be used for reimpregnation. It is thriftily applied in the direction of the fur.

Accessories for a perfect equipment

Along with skis, skins, telescope stick and touring boots, also functional ski garments including helmet and goggles are compulsory on ski tour. Additional accessories such as crampons or, if necessary, even ropes and climbing equipment, can be stored in a backpack until needed. An excellent equipment will allow you to experience the most perfect adventure of your life.

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