Balaclavas to shield your head against the cold!


If you’re planning an adventure in low temperatures, then you’ll need to protect yourself against the cold. A balaclava is an effective way to prevent your head from losing heat and it'll protect your face against the cold.
There are some versatile models on the market with larger face openings, so you can wear it as a neck warmer or a hat. As a result, you won’t need to bring extra gear with you and can easily fit it in your backpack.

Always have a balaclava in your luggage in case of an emergency

Whilst mountaineering, skiing, freeriding, ski touring, trekking and winter hiking, you’ve got to cover your face. Wearing face protection ensures that you’ll feel comfortable in snow storms and on cold nights out.

Synthetic fibres or naturally functional fabrics? Ideally both!

Most manufacturers either use wool, fleece or a mixture of synthetic fibres and wool. No matter what fabric you choose, it should be warm, breathable and wick moisture away from your body. In addition to comfort, they’re also very functional. Plus, there are different balaclavas that are ideal for different temperature ranges. When hill walking in summer, a lightweight balaclava made of Windstopper fabric is great because it can handle any sudden changes in weather. If you’re planning on wearing it on winter expeditions, then you’ll need a thicker model for enhanced warmth.

Ski masks are ideal for lousy mountain weather

A well-fitting ski mask is a practical addition to your ski clothing. It can fit under your ski helmet and it's compatible with most ski goggles. This, along with a helmet-compatible hood will optimally protect you. Almost all models have a stretch element in the fabric, or are knit in such a way that they’ll hug your head and face nicely. This prevents the ski mask or balaclava from appearing bulky.
All ski tourers are guaranteed to find what they're looking for with manufacturers, such as Woolpower, 66 North and Barts!

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