Top quality outdoor footwear for safety and secure footing

Outdoor Shoes

More and more people are drawn to the outdoors to get away from the stresses of everyday life. The right kind of footwear is essential for those seeking adventure outdoors. Excellent outdoor footwear will always ensure secure footing, and guarantee a high degree of safety - whatever the terrain. No matter if you are touring the mountains, trekking, or hiking: You can always rely on your outdoor footwear!

What does outdoor footwear have to offer as a minimum?

As a fan of the outdoors you will spend lots of time and long hours on rough terrain - a proper outdoor shoe will have to be able to cope. Outdoor footwear therefore needs to fulfill some specific requirements.

As an outdoor enthusiast, you will be on your feet a lot and for extended periods of time - the first requirement therefore is comfort. After all: your feet might be in those shoes or boots all day long, which means superior wear comfort is an absolute must. Outdoor footwear must fit around your foot properly without squeezing it in, yet giving it comfortable and strong support. This will prevent pressure points, blisters, and chafing. You will remember the beauty and not the pain of your hiking tour! A well-padded foot bed will additionally enhance wear comfort.

Good outdoor footwear must be robust, since they must withstand rough terrain and adverse weather. Your outdoor footwear should be able to withstand any kind of stress and more on your trek or in the mountains. In extreme situations, a broken shoe is the last thing you need. Sturdy outdoor footwear will also keep you safe and help you get a secure foothold. Models with a reinforced shaft will additionally protect the ankle and help reduce the risk of injury.

Outdoor Shoes

Another important factor: weather protection. Outdoor footwear must protect feet from moisture, because wet feet not only feel uncomfortable, they will also freeze very quickly. In extremely low temperatures, moisture can be a real problem because cold feet will restrict blood flow in the mucous membranes. Any virus or bacteria in the air will have a field day! Outdoor footwear with a breathable membrane will wick the moisture from perspiration around the foot outward, while at the same time preventing external moisture to saturate the shoe. Your feet will stay dry and warm whatever the weather.

What type of outdoor footwear is right for me?

The outdoor sector is booming, and the choice of outdoor footwear is enormous. But don't just choose anything! Think about what you want to use the footwear for, and what your basic requirements are - then you shouldn't go wrong!

For an extended trekking tour, for example, a pair of good trekking shoes are the right choice. If you are thinking about a tour over several days, then you will need sturdy and comfortable outdoor footwear. Trekking shoes offer good shock absorption, which will make things a lot easier for you if you need to carry a heavy backpack over rough terrain. Tough soles offer secure grip on any surface.

Outdoor Shoes

Mountaineering boots are what you are looking for if you're off on an Alpine tour. These boots will be particularly rugged, watertight, and offer anti-skid soles. Trekking boots will help you get through iced over patches or lose rocks without a hitch. Many of these models are designed for use with crampons, which is not a matter of course for all types of outdoor footwear.

When it gets really wintry and cold outside, then winter boots should be your best choice. High insulation and a warm inner lining will keep your feet warm in this type of outdoor footwear. Anti-skid and even soles with studs may be what you're looking for to get around on snow and ice.

For extreme expeditions, you might think about investing in a pair of expedition boots. This type of outdoor footwear is made for extreme temperatures. In addition to crampon compatibility and superior heat insulation in extreme minus temperatures, they also offer a lot more features you will need if you want to get to the really high peaks.

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