Casual boots and leisure sneakers

Casual shoes

Comfortable casual boots and sneakers by Duckfeet and Timberland ensure a comfortable feeling for everyday wear and leisure. With unique designs and fashionable details, they subtly stand out from sporty outdoor shoes and functional multisport shoes.

Casual shoes and casual boots are mostly made of leather, synthetic leather or synthetic materials. Depending on the model, they are either low-cut or reach over the ankles. Everyday soles with comfortable cushioning make casual shoes ideal for running on asphalt and other smooth surfaces. This makes casual sneakers perfect for leisure walks, shopping trips and everyday life on foot and on the bike.

Casual shoes for women and men

Casual boots and casual sneakers for women, men and kids differ in shape and design. While classic lacing is very popular for men's shoes, the selection of women's shoes and women's boots ranges from lacing and buckles to slip-on shoes and side zips.

Many companies make use of high-quality Terracare leather and soles made of natural rubber. For those who prefer to avoid leather when buying casual shoes and boots, there is also a good selection of synthetic leather shoes and completely vegan casual shoes. Shoes made of textile materials derived from natural and synthetic raw materials are also a chic alternative.

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