Bike maintenance and cleaning

Bike maintenance and cleaning

Bike lovers will do anything for their bike. The best way to express that love is through proper cleaning and maintenance. Keep your two-wheeler immaculately clean, well-maintained and well-serviced with chain oil, grease, bike cleaners and other maintenance products for sustained functionality and a bike that always looks brand new.

Cleaning, polishing, degreasing

In order to remove dirt that has set in over a long period of time you will need bike cleaner and chain cleaner. With bike cleaners by F 100 and cleaning aids from Finish Line, the first thing to do is spray them generously over the bike. Leave the spray to do its work for a while and then rinse with water and the aid of a brush. Special chain cleaners help to degrease heavily soiled chains. Caution: Cleaning your chain too often and with too much degreaser will attack the grease deposits in the chain and cause it to dry up completely. This will cause it to wear much quicker.

Bike maintenance and cleaning

Grease and lubricants for optimum performance

After cleaning, all of the bike's moving part require sufficient lubrication to prevent rapid wear. Classic chain oil or a Teflon lubricant is ideal for the chain and should be applied to the chain links. Excess oil can be wiped off with a clean cloth after five minutes. Riders of full suspension bikes should also make sure that the bearings and linkages in the rear triangle are well lubricated at all times and that the spring elements are well maintained. Caution is advised with brake discs, they must not come into contact with oil. Anti-rust and penetrating oils, such as the popular WD-40, are capable of freeing up stuck parts and dissolving rust. They are not suitable for lubricating the chain or maintaining suspension forks, as they dilute viscous oils and reduce their impact. A generous helping of assembly grease is recommended when fitting pedals. When fitting and maintaining carbon components you must use a special assembly paste.

Get your bike shining with new splendor

You can use special maintenance products for optimal protection and added shine. They seal the surface of the paint and give the color a new lease of life.

As good as new

A well-maintained bike is a joy to ride. Both the appearance and the functionality of the bike benefit from regular maintenance. Lubricants reduce wear and ensure that parts run smoothly on your expensive piece of equipment. Positive side effect: Maintaining your bike gives you the opportunity to notice damaged components which can then be repaired before they get worse.

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