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Dynafit - this is almost a synonym amongst ski tour lovers for high performance binding systems. It is no wonder, as the Dynafit bindings stand out for their minimal weight and uncompromising performance. To this day, the company is a market leader for ski touring equipment, and rightly so! Numerous Olympic and world champions have "experienced" success with the help of the bindings by DMynafit over the years. The company itself has also been on the fast track ever since it was founded. Aside from numerous ski shoe and binding system innovations on the market, the company has been sky rocketing since their diversification.

What does Dynafit have to offer other than professional ski shoes and binding systems? The answer to this question is: lots! From warm down jackets and functional shirts to insulating beanies, it is entirely possible to put together a set of all of equipment you need with the well-known snow leopard on it. It's worth taking a look!

Fro functional clothing to backpacks - Dynafit has it all

But one thing at a time! As the saying goes - "stick to what you know". Dynafit had no problem at all proving that this old saying has become a relic of the past. But that doesn't mean that good traditions go by the wayside! To this day, Dynafit is a leader in equipment for Alpine touring and winter sports. From binding systems as well as comfortable and high performance touring ski boots to ski poles and other winter sports equipment, high quality is a top priority.


Dynafit also has a lot to offer in the way of outdoor clothing. Warm down jackets ensure the best warmth with their fantastic insulation, even in the iciest temperatures. Lightweight but no less efficient synthetic jackets, waterproof hardshell jackets or fleece jackets are also part of this. They have warm hats to prevent cold ears that are also very cool accessories. Icy hands are covered with Dynafit gloves. There are some for every possible temperature range and areas of use. That is most definitely not all. From running shirts and ski pants to practical shorts and fleece jumpers - there is something for everyone.

The company has even tapped into the backpack market. Successfully! Practical touring backpacks provide plenty of space for everything you need when touring. Clever solutions like helmet holders, extra compartments for avalanche equipment and practically placed ski brackets prove that this is the work of professionals. Additional equipment for outdoor and winter athletes is all a part of the product range. Insulating bottle holders, ski bags, crampons or wax - we have it all.

If you see the Dynafit snow leopard and only think of binding systems, then think again, because the company has so much more to offer than just that!

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