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It all started with ski boots, but as of 2005, Dynafit’s range has expanded and now also includes functional clothing. The Dynafit team tests their clothes by climbing peaks all over the world and by crossing the Alps on skis, bike or on foot.

Dynafit stands for performance and success

Dynafit is almost synonymous with bindings in the world of ski touring. This isn’t very surprising, since Dynafit bindings are known for their minimal weight and excellent performance. To this day, the company is a market leader for ski touring equipment. Over the years, numerous Olympic and world champions have reached success with the help of Dynafit bindings. In addition to ski boots and bindings, the company has been sky rocketing since expanding its range.

What else does Dynafit have to offer besides professional ski boots and bindings? The answer to this question is: lots! From warm down jackets and functional shirts to insulating beanies, you’ll be able to fully equip yourself with the brand with the snow leopard logo. It's worth taking a look!


From functional clothes to backpacks – Dynafit has it all

One thing at a time! Although the saying goes: “stick to what you know”, Dynafit had no problem proving that this old saying is outdated. Just like in the past, Dynafit is still the market leader when it comes to equipment for mountaineering and winter sports. Whether you look at their bindings, comfortable, high-performance ski boots, ski poles and other winter sports equipment, you’ll notice that high-quality is their top priority.

Dynafit also has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor clothing. Thanks to their fantastic insulating properties, their down jackets ensure toasty warmth, even in the iciest temperatures. They also produce great lightweight synthetic jackets, waterproof hardshell jackets and fleece jackets. Plus, Dynafit’s warm beanies will prevent your ears from getting cold and their gloves will keep your shivering hands toasty. They have something for every possible temperature range and areas of use. But that's not all: from running shirts to ski trousers and practical shorts to fleece jumpers, you’re guaranteed to find something you love.

In addition, the company even tapped into the backpack market with great success! They produce practical mountaineering backpacks that provide plenty of space for all of your essentials. They also feature helmet holders, extra compartments for avalanche equipment and conveniently-placed ski attachments.
Of course, they also manufacture other equipment for outdoor and winter athletes, such as insulating bottle holders, ski bags, crampons and wax.

If you see the Dynafit snow leopard and only think of binding systems, then think again, because the company has so much more to offer than just that!

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