Ideal for backpacking: Robust travel backpacks with sophisticated designs

Travel Backpack

Long journeys often require a lot of baggage. Whether you're planning a long desired vacation or a semester on leave with an all-around-the-world ticket, you can always rely on a proper backpack.

A good travel backpack is a companion for life

Besides their spacious volume and their robust design, backpacks also have other advantages. For example their padded carry system and the numerous inner and outer pockets for organizing and transporting your equipment safely. Travel backpacks withstand the most severe strains. Robust materials, sturdy processing, and strong zippers are the most important features. Renowned manufacturers like Osprey, Eagle Creek, Vaude, and Montane are absolutely reliable. Backpacks and bags from Pacsafe come with clever solutions for more security and against theft, and are definitely worth a closer look.

What to consider when buying a travel backpack

The most important questions are: How long will the journey take? Where will it take you? And what are your plans? Your answers determine the right volume and the required additional features your travel backpack should have. Take a look at your packing list in order to figure out the requirements. If you're planning regular day trips, you should consider a backpack with a removable daypack. You can use it to carry your most important belongings on short sightseeing tours or excursions. Keep your camera, laptop, and travel documents handy and prevent them from being stolen from your accommodation.

Comfortable to carry thanks to the right features

Travel backpacks come with the same features as high-quality touring and climbing backpacks. Easy handling, comfort, and a high-quality design are the most important factors! Over long distances, backpacks with carry systems are a lot more practical than trolleys or travel bags. As soon as you have to run in order to catch your train, you will be glad to have a backpack with you!

Useful backpacking tips

As a backpacker, you should make sure that belts, compression straps, and all other protruding parts of your backpack are fixed tightly when checking it in. Otherwise, luggage belts and not too squeamish airport staff might have a rather unpleasant surprise for you upon arrival at your destination. In order to keep your belongings organized, you can use a stuff sack (or several). They allow you to keep your luggage nice and tidy.

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