Slippers - Warm, elegant, practical!


We all know the problem: You're coming home from a long trip through snowy landscapes and your feet just won't warm up quickly enough. Ever thought about slippers? Just like lined winter boots, slippers warm up your feet and thus raise your body temperature to a comfortable level. Outdoors you combine warm jackets with strong shoes, so why shouldn't you snuggle into your favorite fleece without comfortable slippers?
Find out below what you should consider when buying fashionable, cozy slippers.

Slipper materials

The term ‘slipper' has many definitions, since the intended use of warm, cozy shoes can hardly be specified. They can be used both as sandals at a campfire on a cold summer evening or at home on a daily basis. In fact also in alpine club huts after a long trip. As long as they keep your feet warm!
There are slippers made of cotton, synthetic fibers, or down. These materials are both durable and have a great thermal performance for they are insulated and must withstand quite a lot at the same time. Cotton slippers stand out for their natural wearing comfort and thermal performance. Thinner cotton slippers can also be used as liners for winter boots. They are designed to be worn indoors and some models come with a somewhat reinforced sole.
Slippers made of down or synthetic fibers are particularly light and even warmer than cotton slippers. They have a reinforced sole and their smooth upper material is water and wind resistant. Thus you can also wear them outside the house, i.e. when you're spending the evening in front of the hut or on your terrace at home. Your warm and cozy slippers will definitely keep your feet warm and protect them from wind and weather. They are sometimes equipped with a fleece lining on the inside, which makes them even more comfortable. Down is even warmer than synthetic fibers and lighter as well.
Some slippers have special nubs or reinforcements made of rubber or silicone on their soles, which makes them particularly sturdy and grippy.

Slipper designs

Apart from their thermal performance, slippers also come in interesting designs. Fashionable stitchings, funky colors, glossy fabrics, or folded collars just look awesome!
Of course there are also slippers for women and kids, which stand out for their look and custom sizes!

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