Crampons for mountaineering and ice climbing


Most alpinists have a pair of crampons at home. Many even own multiple pairs, so they can choose the appropriate ones based on where they’ll be using them. Having crampons ensures that everything runs smoothly during your mountain adventure.

Types of crampons

Crampons can be divided into two groups: mountaineering crampons and ice climbing crampons. Of course, there are also quite a few versatile models that can be used for both.
When going on a glacier trek and ski touring, we recommend choosing lightweight crampons. Crampons made for ski touring are typically made of lightweight aluminium, while models made for glacier crossings are usually made of steel and have 10 points. Speaking of points, they shouldn’t be too long as this would only interfere with walking. For classic mountaineering and ice climbing, we recommend getting a classic 12-point crampon.

Crampons for steep ice, mixed climbing and dry tooling

There’s a wide range of crampons with clever technical details made for advanced climbers. For example, there are crampons with interchangeable front points and ones that you can quickly convert into mono-points. Extreme models feature longer front points that are sharper and the remaining points are all designed for use in steep terrain. Moreover, ice climbing shoes are recommended for difficult tours. These are mountaineering boots with points incorporated into the sole.

You’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in our mountaineering shop.

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