Safe and secure with high-quality ice screws

Ice Screws

For safety-conscious climbers a mountain tour without ice screws is unthinkable. Ice screws are made usually made of steel and provide a high degree of safety for glacier tours and alpine ice climbing. Good ice screws should be part of every climber's standard equipment.

Generally speaking: The longer the ice screw, the better it holds in the ice. The longer models are used for anchors and glacier tours and the shorter ice screws are used for belay points.

The ice screw - a success story

Whereas previously only ice pitons were used to secure ice climbs, ice screws have gained major popularity since the mid-1970s. The advantages of the ice screw are not to be ignored. They are strong, easy to place in the ice and, unlike ice pitons, can also be removed easily.

As well as simple ice screws, there are also variations with an integrated ratchet mechanism. Screws with a ratchet mechanism weigh a little more, but they can be screwed into the ice much quicker and much easier, allowing you to conquer even the most demanding of tours. However, if you need to save weight you can always rely on the simple models. At the end of the day it's down to you to decide which type of screw you prefer. The most popular products are Grivel, Petzl and Black Diamond ice screws.

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