Expedition clothing as base for each successfull mountain or polar expedition

Expedition Clothing

Clothing, the choice of equipment and the rest of the planning! When it comes to preparation, nothing is more complex than expeditions to high summits in isolated regions of the globe such as the Himalayas, or undertakings toward the North Pole or in Antarctica.
The expedition clothing assumes the fundamental role of protecting the body from the elements. Miles away from civilisation, the material used in its manufacturing has to be absolutely reliable. The demands made on an arctic jacket, expedition boots or an expedition backpack are fundamentally different from those made on equipment for a hike or a leisurely climb in the Alps. That is why extreme conditions require nothing less than top-of-the-line equipment for men and women's wear.

Basic equipment for an arctic expedition

Expedition clothing by well-known companies such as Patagonia has been tested over many years in the truly wild corners of the world and offer reliable protection at even the most extreme temperatures! When cared for properly, the purchased items are always worth the money; the jackets, trousers and other indispensable articles of clothing are all extremely robust and represent an investment for years to come.

The onion principle holds true for polar clothing, too. An intelligent layer system adapted to the conditions protects the wearer while remaining functional. This means: expedition underwear as a base layer, fleece as an intermediate layer and a high-quality down jacket over it all for insulation against the bitter cold. Expedition gloves, the right type of beanie and a balaclava complete your expedition outfit.

Protect yourself from cold, wind and weather with polar clothing

When preparing an expedition, packed dimensions and weight play an important role in your choice of clothing. Indeed, the packs leave little space for a change of clothing. When it comes to warmth-to-weight ratio, it's hard to top down jackets, insulated trousers padded with down and arctic sleeping bags. And since at temperatures well below zero the moisture problem is a close second on the list, there is no danger of these items clumping. Add a robust hardshell jacket to protect you from wind and moisture and your will have everything you need to protect you from the elements - and nothing will stand in the way of exciting adventures ahead!

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