Fingerboards bring strength through the winter


What can be more annoying than to lose the strength built in summer over the winter? Especially when one doesn't regularly make it to the gym for climbing training, or doesn't have a gym in the neighborhood, there is only one solution: a personal fingerboard. Fingerboards hardly take up space, can be installed anywhere and offer a good opportunity to build up muscles.
Depending on the construction and features of the fingerboard, there are a lot of variations that allow complex training plans to be developed. One can train the finger muscles, the arm muscles and the upper body and is thus optimally prepared for the next trip to the climbing rock.

Fingerboards - Spoilt for Choice

The range of fingerboards is very big, therefore, once has first of all to be clear on what requirements the equipment has to satisfy. There are cheap beginner models for all climbers and boulderers, who only want to do a contortion on the fingerboard once in a while. On the other hand, there are real professional system boards that offer a high number of holding options and structures. Here one will find large grip-holes, small grip-holes, narrow lasts, round grips, and many more. One can thus train about every grip type without leaving the house.
For climbers, who also have aesthetic requirements for their boards, wooden boards are highly recommended. Especially when it's set up in the living area, it looks considerably nicer and more decent than a brightly colored model. Anyone, who usually hangs their fingerboard in the attic or the basement, doesn't have to take these considerations into account.

How do I fasten my hangboard?

Many hangboards already include the suitable material for attachment as part of the delivery. If not, it can easily be purchased in any hardware store and one quickly has their hangboard on the wall. It is important to always read the manufacturer's instructions carefully and pay attention to the type of surface the board will be fastened to. Not every wall can take the high load of a fingerboard plus athlete.

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