The basics about camping tables

Camping Table

Camping table and camping chair are more than just a place for sitting or storing your camping equipment. Cheap versions from the five-and-ten are worlds apart from what Glamping High End has to offer. Well-designed features and a range of different solutions for small details make the difference. In any case you should choose your camp furniture with care.

Foldable or rollable? - Which camping table is the right one?

Packed dimensions and weight are important benchmarks when it comes to choosing the camping table that suits you best. In the case of foldable tables the legs are normally folded sidewise under the top. This means that the dimensions of the table top are what you need to consider for transport. Other models have table tops that are foldable, as well. This means that the packed dimensions are smaller but the depth increases. Table tops of rollable tables are a kind of grid. You can carry and store the tops separately from the rest of the table.

Sturdy, weatherproof and lightweight

In any case the table legs need to be strong. Table legs should be adjustable without steps and separately from each other. This will make it easy for you to set up the table on uneven ground. Large plastic feet are helpful, as well. If camping tableware migrates from one side of the table to the other, dinner just won't be as much fun as it can be.

The camping table should be made of lightweight materials. Apart from that they need to be weather and waterproof, heat-resistant and easy to clean. Table tops made from MDF, plastic or aluminum can be very helpful there. In any case you will enjoy premium products by Outwell, Robens or Relags much more than poor quality imitations from the DIY store.

Camping tables, sizes XXS to XXL

You will find camping tables of all sizes, starting from tiny foldable tables that will fit into a trekking tent up to large camping tables that can be set up under the awning of a motorhome. Particularly with the small versions the focus is on low weight and on small packed dimensions. In the case of large tables which can take up to 30 kilos, you won't find many ultra light designs. But this makes these tables more sturdy. Setting them up and taking them down on a regular basis won't damage them.

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