Touring with the right bike accessories

Bike Accessories

For your road bike, mountain bike, touring or E-bike: Just like mountaineering and hiking tours, you need the right equipment when cycling, as the right accessories can spell success for any activity. It can become quickly irritating if your light burns out, your pump jams of your bottle holder is rattling. In other words: you need to get the right accessories to suit your needs.
We are talking about the products available from manufacturers like Thule, VDO, Zefal, Contec, Abus and others that are must-haves on tour and in your workshop.

Essential bike accessories for at home

Aside from your favorite MTB or road bike, your workshop or garage need to be equipped with various bike accessories that will help with preparation and post-touring bike adjustments.
The small but mighty helpers, also known as mini tools are a big part of this. These versatile bike tools can adjust your bike from the front derailleur to the seat clamp. Depending on what needs you have, a mini tool is always a good thing to have around. Another compact model is also useful to keep in your saddle bag. Chain tools or tire levers are practical details on a mini tool that you can also have separately in your toolbox.
Further bike accessories for at home like upright pumps can help with bike care. You need to get the pressure right - particularly for racing bikes and this should be regularly checked before touring. A pressure gauge is very useful here to measure the pressure as well as supporting different valve types.
There are special, gentle Care products recommended for use on bike frames and brushes for the chain and sprockets as well as washing solutions for grease and dirt. The right oils and sprays also ensure the chain runs smoothly and protects against corrosion.

What to have on tour: Bike accessories for on the go

Bike accessories to have on tour includes lights, a mini pump, a mini tool and bottle holder.
The necessary bike light can be regulated depending on what you are using it for, whether it is StVZO compatible equipment with Dynamo or LED cycling light. Additional reflectors on the sides, back and front are always a good idea and can be removable on sports bikes.
A good addition to your upright pump at home is a mini pump for on the go, if your bike breaks down or you just need to regulate the air pressure in your tires. CO2 pumps are recommended for road bikes and competitions. The right bottle holder will keep your drinking bottle steady and won't make noise. Plastic is recommended for metal bottles and metal for plastic bottles to prevent any friction.
Bells are optional and make sense on touring bikes. The same goes for mud guards. Bike locks should be chosen for their security features. Folding locks and chain locks are tough, but cable locks are lighter and more flexible.
Bike navigation is normally done using maps or GPS devices. You need to consider the right map materials that are available to you as well as their additional features. Even the functions of bike computers (speedometers) nicely set the tone. When it comes to bike trailers, you should consider the size, comfort and safety in relation to your little ones.

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