Mud guards for mountain bikes

Mud Guards

In winters or after summer downpours, many trails are covered with mud holes and therefore, the usage of mud guards becomes very essential. Due to the extensive spring deflection of mountain bikes, no standard mud-guards can be fixed to their front wheel or rear triangle. However, many robust and effective splash guards have come as a solution to this problem. They can be fixed on both, front and back wheels.

On the front wheel

The most important task of mud guards lies in protecting sensitive parts of the bike such as the gear or suspension forks, as well as the eyes and face against dirt and mud. Minimum versions are mudguards, splashguards and mud catcher. The first two are small plastic mud-guards of a width which covers the whole front wheel. Usually, they are fixed to the fork crown so that they can catch the dirt, which otherwise would hit the standpipe or the face. Mud catchers made of neoprene stretch between the triple clamp and lower steer tuber to prevent the dirt to reach the front. Larger mud guards are fixed to the lower steer tuber with the means of clips and offer much more protection against splashes than minimal versions. And that too, without disturbing the spring deflection.

The rear triangle:

The broad and stable mud guards for the rear triangle are usually fixed on the seat tube with a clip mechanism. The large width of the guards provide optimal splash protections, due to which the rider and the gear system do not get dirty. To offer maximum protection, these mud guards are fixed to the seat on a very low level, yet, high enough to not disturb the functionality of the rear triangle.

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