SPD clip-in shoes for mountain bikes and road bikes

SPD clip-in cycling shoes

Clip-in pedals are equally popular among road cyclists, mountain bikers and touring cyclists. The attachment of the shoes to the pedals results in the optimum transfer of force. In contrast to regular flat pedal shoes, cyclists wearing clip-in shoes are clipped into the pedals. The clip-in pedals and the cleats on the underside of the cycling shoes ensure a secure attachment that can be released by turning the foot to the side.

The most well-known systems for clip-in shoes are Look and SPD-SL in the road bike segment, and the well-known SPD cycling shoes for mountain bikers, downhill bikers and touring cyclists. SPD is the abbreviation for the Shimano Pedaling System. The system is extremely reliable, even in mud and dirt. As a result, MTB SPD shoes are very popular and widespread. The embedded attachment for the cleats in the clip-in shoes means the shoes can be walked in normally. In the Look system, the cleats are positioned further out, making them less suitable for walking.

SPD clip-in system or Look & SPD-SL Pedals

The cleats for the SPD or Look system are secured to the underside of the clip-in shoes by two or three bolts. This means that cycling shoes from different companies can be combined within the systems. The only important thing is that the hole in the sole is appropriate for the cleats and that the pedals and cleats belong to the same system.

Clip-in shoes for the Shimano SPD Click system are produced by other companies as well as Shimano. For example, Giro and Schott offer a wide selection of clip-in shoes for cyclists. Depending on the type of use, cycling shoes are available in a wide variety of designs and versions for road cyclists and mountain bikers. While lightweight road bike shoes are usually produced without soles, the soles of MTB shoes are often equipped with a profile that can be used as a fully functional, high-grip, comfortable sole on terrain during walking and pushing sections.

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