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Everything began with a small ropemaking workshop in Switzerland 150 years ago - today, Mammut is one of the most influential manufacturers in the sector for sports climbing, Alpine, outdoor, and snow sports products. You'll be hard pressed to find a climber or mountain sports enthusiast, who won't recognize the logo with the black mammoth.

The little ropemaking workshop has morphed into a global company, whose headquarters still remain in Seon, Switzerland, but Mammut Sportsgroup now operates offices and subsidiaries have sprouted up in countless nations around the globe.

The rope specialist

Although a lot of time has passed since the company's beginnings around 150 years ago, Mammut remains one of the leading manufacturers of climbing ropes to this day. The Swiss company quite naturally benefits from decades of research and development, tested right there in the Swiss Alps. That is how the manufacturer can continue to maintain and satisfy the very high standards for halfropes, twin ropes, static, and single ropes from their manufacture.

Outdoor clothing

50% of the annual Mammut turnover of over 200 million Swiss francs is generated by clothing these days. The range includes simple, yet functional hiking and trekking garments, outfits for climbing, bouldering, and ski tours, as well as highly functional items for use in extreme Alpine terrain.


Climbing and outdoor gear

In terms of outdoor hardware, there is virtually nothing that Mammut can't offer. The portfolio includes headlamps, backpacks, bouldermats, carabiners, and helmets - just to name a few. Close partnerships with other manufacturers, including Ajungilak (sleeping bags) and Raichle (footwear), have added many years of expertise to the table, allowing Mammut to successfully expand their offering to include entirely new market sectors.

Mammut and sustainability

Aside from their own very high quality standards, Mammut is committed to protecting the environment and guaranteeing fair working conditions at their production facilities. Mammut requires their suppliers to implement a code of conduct, which includes fair working conditions for their employees. That is the reason why the Swiss company avoids production facilities in so-called high-risk countries, including Myanmar, Bangladesh, and North Korea. Their main manufactures are located in China and Vietnam, and Mammut employs two permanent employees at each site to ensure compliance with the code of conduct, as well as relevant development and production processes.

Mammut is furthermore highly committed to environmental protection. They implement environmental protection measures on product level, use cotton from fair trade and biological manufacture only, and promote the use of recycled materials as well as a strict verification of the origins of their down raw material. Mammut works also closely with bluesig technologies AG.


In addition to its very varied product offering, Mammut has lately repeatedly hit the headlines with spectacular marketing campaigns like some breathtaking marketing footage from the European Outdoor Film Tour (E.O.F.T.), with which Mammut regularly tours the German-speaking region and fills ever larger halls and cinemas. And then there was of course the 'Mammut Peak Project' to mark the 150-year anniversary of the company. The project involved 150 teams consisting of amateurs as well as pros climbing a mountain of their choice. The project was a logistics masterpiece, resulting in a wealth of spectacular images and videos, which were documented on a special project website.

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