Not only for ultralight fans: Tarps & camp shelters

Tarps and Camp Shelters

Spending nights close to nature - a wonderful experience. Wherever fauna and weather allow, a tarp is a good alternative to a tent. Combined with further gear such as trekking poles and the conditions on ground, it can be converted into a fully-fledged shelter. In addition it is easy to assemble and can be used for a variety of purposes.

Apart from its use as a tent-replacement, the tarp can also be used to protect against sun or as a rain cover for eating and seating areas. Our shop has numerous high quality tarps from manufacturers like MSR, Vaude, Exped or Snow Peak.

Lightweight Tarp for weather protection

The classic tarp is a simple tarpaulin construction. In contrast to a simple tarpaulin, modern tarps possess a variety of special features that have a particularly positive effect in outdoor use. Apart from being waterproof and tearproof, low weight and the use of non-rustling material makes them stand out.

They often come with a pole system and super robust eyelets for guying. The fully-fledged camp shelter thus keeps off strong winds and showers. The only things lighter are the rock shelter or the bivy sack.

The tarp as an extension for the tent

Weight is an important factor in outdoor gear, which often have to be carried on the back for long distances. For this reason, a light tent often offers rather limited space. Especially while camping with the car or during periods of bad weather, one really wants a bit more space. As a result, many manufacturers like Vaude or Exped, for instance, offer special tarp models for extending tents.

Their design makes it easy to couple them with tents or use them solo as classic tarps. You can thus comfortably sit out phases of bad weather in a small tent.

Tarps for groups

Many tarps are also big enough to offer shelter to entire groups of six or more persons. Tour luggage can thus be tied up particularly snugly. On group trips, tarps can also be used to cover cooking areas, where adequate ventilation is of utmost importance. Tarps are also used to cover common areas, thus protecting from rain and being used a sun canopy to provide shade during the day.

In nature's embrace

A night under a tarp is not limited to only purists and gram-savers. The nature experience can hardly be compared with a night in the tent. Fresh air ensures an intensely relaxing sleep. Moreover, direct sunlight does not necessarily translate to heat build-up, which the night possibly gets rid of pretty quickly.

A high-quality tarp is part of any good outdoor gear and can be used in a variety of ways: for really slim luggage, for added comfort or simply for an unforgettable experience in nature.

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