Pegs for tents, awnings and tarps

Pegs allow you to secure your camping, trekking or expedition tent to the ground. Tent pegs are placed in the eyelets and attachments found on the side of the tent floor and serve to anchor the guy lines to the ground. They ensure the tent can withstand strong winds and keep the tent fabric taut, so that rain and moisture can easily roll off.

Pegs are built differently depending on the area of use. There are particularly lightweight tent pegs, very durable ones, tent pegs for stony soils, sandy soils and soft soils. These can either have Y cross-sections, V cross-sections or are screwable.

Durable rock pegs or lightweight trekking tent pegs

As their name suggests, steel rock pegs are perfect for rocky grounds. They are practically indestructible and come in various lengths. However, keep in mind that steel pegs are also quite heavy. You can find lighter and more compact classic tent pegs from MSR or Basic Nature, which are made of aluminium or titanium. They're versatile and will really grip into earthy grounds, campgrounds and meadows.

For sandy and muddy terrain, you should opt for screw-in tent pegs because they increase stability and the tensile load. A classic Y or V-shaped peg is not the best for these types of terrain. Wide snow pegs and sand pegs are also a great choice for this function and are regularly used on expeditions. Illuminated tent pegs and reflective guy lines are also a practical choice, as they'll help you spot your tent in the dark.

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