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Tent Accessories

Who hasn't faced the classic problem: you have bought yourself a new, expensive tent and even just after one use have already lost some tent stakes or ropes. It is even more annoying when you accidentally kick a hole into your tent on the first use. The longer you have a tent, the more important it is to have the right accessories for it. Even the waterproofing will not hold forever, so a dry treatment for your tent will be useful to make it solid again. Seam seals and replacement poles are an important part of every emergency tent accessory kit.

Accessories for upgrading your tent

Not every tent accessory is there simply for repairs, there are also a lot of practical upgrade items that can expand and upgrade your base tent. It is often the case that some tents only come with a certain type of tent stake. These can provide perfect hold in soft fields or grassy ground, but will fall short in sand or snow. There is a huge selection of tent stakes for almost every different type of ground, so it is always worth considering which you will need when touring. This will save you a lot of time and stress when building up your tent in the evening.
A number of manufacturers offer a range ultra-lightweight tent models without vestibules. You can often find the fitting vestibule for these tents as additional tent accessories.

The fitting footprint also extends the lifespan of every tent.

When it comes to tent accessories, you must not forget footprints. Almost every manufacturer of high quality tents will offer tent bases (also called footprints) in the correct sizes for their models. These footprints not only provide additional protection against water from below, but also significantly extend the lifespan of your tent. They prevent your tent from being torn or damaged by sharp stones, roots or abrasive rocks. The dry treatment of the tent base will also be safe from dust and sand and will last a lot longer. Buying the right footprint for your tent is therefore a very worthy investment. Ultimately what you want for your valuable tent is the longest possible life.

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