Rolls, cases, boxes - toiletry bags for all tastes

Toiletry Bags

Toiletry bags allow you to keep things organized when camping, trekking or hiking! Keeping your personal hygiene items in toiletry bag prevents them from getting lost in amongst the rest of your equipment.
Eagle Creek, Lowe Alpine, Vaude, Sea to Summit - all well-known manufacturers have a toiletry bag for outdoor use in their range. Toiletry bags are an important piece of gear for one or more nights out in the open. Their volume is designed to be appropriate for the intended use. For trips of several days or several weeks you will find a complete first aid kit in the toiletry bag. For short trips and city breaks there are smart, presentable toiletry and cosmetic bags.

Organization and practical details are important

Lots of models have a mesh pocket for your toothpaste and toothbrush and are divided into several practical compartments. These can be used to store soaps, creams, medicines and any other hygiene products neatly and close at hand. A small mirror proves very practical for changing contact lenses and shaving. After all, you want to look respectable when you head back to civilization.
A small hook to hang your toiletry bag is always useful too. Because no matter whether you get yourself an ultralight version for the bare necessities or a really big toiletry bag, you'll want everything at hand when brushing your teeth. If no hook is at hand a tree branch will do or a bathroom mirror at the campsite.

A companion for eventful trips

As regards the material and the design something can be found for every taste and every situation. If you go for a tough, well-made toiletry bag which is insensitive to moisture, you'll have travel companion for many a holiday to come! Regular size shower gels and toiletries fit into larger variations so you don't need to waste money on expensive travel size products.
Whether you're out in the wilderness or away on a business trip, a decent toiletry bag is simply a must for nights away from home!

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